How frequently do couples in their 50s have sex?

The idea that married couples have fewer sex as time passes is untrue. Some couples just want to sleep at the end of the day; they no longer feel the need to do something fascinating in bed! Couples hardly ever have time for themselves, much less sex, and due to demanding job schedules that conflict with caring for the home and children. As a result, by the time a couple reaches 50, the majority of them have cut back on their sexual engagement by almost half. Let’s find out what elderly couples really want in bed and how frequently they actually engage in sexual activity.

What does the research say?

According to studies, married couples who are in their late 40s or early 50s are likely to have sex once every ten days. However, this is not true for all couples because a very small proportion of them believe that having sex now that they are almost 50 is even better.

Do older couples prefer intimacy in the bedroom?

Many couples have stated that as they become older, they no longer feel the desire to have sex. For them, the marriage’s quality is more important than its sexual content. Other couples find that they enjoy having sex more because there is no longer any worry about the woman becoming pregnant after menopause. A significant factor in why some elderly couples can or cannot engage in sexual activity is time.

Some couples enjoy it

Because they are not under any obligation to perform well in bed or look beautiful while they are naked, some couples begin to enjoy sex intensely. Age causes one’s movement to decline, so it’s normal if someone is unable to perform adequately during sex. Couples also start to enjoy sex more frequently as they get older and their kids start to forge their own identities because they are freed up from the pressure and stress of raising kids, which is, in fact, one of the main reasons why couples stop having sex in their mid-30s. However, elderly couples who engage in sexual activity make up a very small proportion of the population. On the other hand, some elderly couples find it difficult to have sex because the partner may not share the same urge or desire or because of the partner’s poor performance.

Why do older couples slowly lose their sexual desire?

Because of weariness, stress, unresolved conflict, etc., a huge majority of people have decreased sexual desire as they age. In particular, women who are going through menopause, or the end of their menstrual cycle, tend to lose interest in sex. As people age, many also develop vaginal dryness, which is a significant factor in the decline of sexual arousal.

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