As a part of our B.Ed. training we have to teach school students for 15 days.I was also assigned the duty to teach 9th and 10th class students.I was surprised to see many students were not able to read and write Hindi ,English properly. Few of them couldn’t even recognize the letters right.
The good thing was despite all this most of the students were enthusiastic towards education. It made me realize that the reason behind their weak performance was they were not provided with basic education properly.
Due to lack of proper basic education students don’t know how to read and write properly even when they are in 9 th 10th 12 th standard and sometimes they are graduate and yet they don’t know how to read and write properly.
Since then I always had a great sympathy towards such children and I wanted to do something so that these children should get atleast quality basic education.
Most of the poor, dalit and underprivileged children don’t get a chance of good basic education because neither they have adequate resources nor their parents are aware and capable enough to give attention towards education.
Its appreciable that government is providing basic education for free, but it is very difficult for a school teacher to give attention to every child.I was not getting any clue as to how and what to do at ground level to raise the standard of basic education.Then suddenly an interesting incident happened which opened up the whole sky of infinite possibilities for me.
It so happened that one day my elder sister visited our home. Some neibouring kids were playing around. She just started talking to them as usually. She asked them in which class they are , what do they study all these general questions. To which some of them replied and some of them couldn’t. So she asked the kids to go home , read and come back tomorrow and reply the same. She also advised them to study regularly. The kids went their home.
The very next day some of them knocked the door and requested saying, Bua we are here to study please teach us. Deepa, One of our family member denied them saying Bua is not at home and asked them to come back later. The kids started coming again and again infront of the gate requesting the other family members to ask Bua to teach us.
As i saw them coming again and again and requesting I couldn’t stop. I went at gate and I asked them whether they want to study seriously they said yes yes yes.
I asked them “will all of you come regularly?”
“yes” They replied
Are you sure?
“Sure” They replied.
I said “ok then come in.”
I started teaching them in our front court yard. At very first day there were only six students. Next day the number reached up to ten , then twelve, then fifteen and now near about 40 to 50 children come regularly to study at our home.
As the classes continued It became very difficult for me to handle all children single handedly so my whole family, my retired parents , my brother also co operated me in teaching them.Many kids are really very dedicated and sincere. I become very emotional and amazed when I see their passion and gradual improvement in study. It gives me more energy to work for them.
Every day they do P T ( Physical Training) for ten minutes with great enthusiasm.
Every day we also organize extra curricular activities in which children show their talent like singing, dancing, story telling or sharing some jokes. They like participating in it.These activities make the child feel relaxed and tension free and he comes next day with the same spirit.
It is a creative way to keep a child’s intrest in study. It is also very useful for their mental and physical growth.
If everybody start teaching the poor, dalit and underprivileged children who long for a good education gradually it may become a series of social responsibility. And I wish the same.

Anyone who is retired or unemployed and have a free time of 1 to 2 hours then please Spend you free time and knowledge to educate these children. Do guide them.
You can do it yourself but if you want any suggestions or if you want to be associated with us. For any queries please contact on following e mail.
We are doing it selflessly and we request you to do whatever little you can do.
One thing I must tell you we are not taking any financial help from anyone right now and so we would not be able to give any financial support to those who want to join us but if we receive financial support from anyone then we will definitely support and co-operate you in this charity.
But right now for the time being this is free and selfless. We are doing it , hope you would also do.
Thank you.

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