Naresh Parmar becomes the top YouTuber and Music Producer of the country.

Naresh Parmar is an Indian music producer and visual artist from Banaskantha, Gujarat. He started his music career at the age of 18 and later came up the famous musical artist on music platforms. As a accomplished artist, Naresh Parmar has worked on many official remixes and mashups. He has worked with India’s top DJs and Singers. Naresh Parmar was born on March 20, 1998 in Gujarat, India. He was born and raised in Deesa. He completes his education in Mehsana, Gujarat itself and he has studied Bachelor of Education.

Basically, Naresh Parmar starts his career first as a YouTuber. As sometimes later he enters the music field. Naresh has been running one of the top YouTube channels of the country. His journey has not been an easy one having to face a number of hurdles but leaving no stone unturned Naresh had an aim and was on to complete it.. YouTube officially verified his youtube channel as an official artist.

Today Naresh owns one of the top YouTube channel in India with 800K plus subscribers and about 285+ million views on his channel making him a digital sensation. His content truly is the king of the digital market with maximum viewers generated.Today he has achieved a commendable position in the digital market world.YouTube Channel link-

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