Raviraj Mishra – Perfection is an art of an imperfect

Raviraj Mishra, born in Pune, India found his art of writing and telling stories from a very young age. He currently lives in Mumbai and is actively creating stories and poetries for the people who love reading him.One of those days when he had just started writing stories, he found a notebook where his father Kedarnath Mishra had scribbled a few poetries. He had always seen his father working hard in factories, switching jobs to put food on the table. But this dairy clearly showed Raviraj a new side of his father. And that’s when he decided to become a published writer. At least through him maybe his father could live his dream.Since then, Raviraj has published 4 books – The Feeling of Being Loved, Piece of Poetry: Me & Me, Pipe Dreams and From Behind the Broken Pieces. His books and poetries have received a lot of love and positive support on social platforms like Instagram and Facebook. He has posted around 1000 plus poetries on Instagram. His poetries talk about love, relationship and mental health.Raviraj joined blogger as his first attempt to share stories, later using social media and turning his poetries into Instagram post. In 2019, he started working on his first book – The feeling of Being Loved. A story of a girl named shruti who narrated a part of her life when she was desperately searching for the feeling of being in love. It was a first novella that Raviraj self-published and he wrote the whole book from a women’s perspective. Later the same year he published the collection of his poetries about self-love and mental health in a book called ‘Piece of Poetry: Me & Me’ which turned into an Amazon best-seller in Kindle version.With a degree in Engineering, Raviraj Mishra works a Software Engineer in Tech Mahindra. The time that’s left after his job is dedicated to creating stories or scribbling poetries on his notepad. Raviraj Mishra aims to write some big hits and get recognized as a readable author. And with his mantra – PERFECTION IS AN ART OF AN IMPERFECT he hopes to create some perfect characters and plots with a poetic justice to the story and sense of comfort to the readers.His books are available in Paperback and E-book formats on Amazon, Flipkart and all the other book stores across the world.

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