Romance author weaves empowering roles set against social issues

Ruchi Chandra Verma, author of the best-sellers “When Calm fell for Chaos!” and “Always there for you!”, awardee for “Inspiring Indians 2022” by Bharat Guild, Bhartiya Sahitya Mahotsav and “Tagore Commemorative Honouree Author 2022” for literary contributions and beyond; works in the IT industry, as a Business Consultant.She is a painter, an artist, and an avid healthy baker, passionate about writing poetry, articles, stories, and reading any fiction she can get her hands on. She currently lives in Bangalore with her husband and child.She wrote her first story at the age of 9 years but never got around to finishing it. Those days focused on studies and sports much more than story writing. She re-discovered her love for writing during her engineering college days and has been writing ever since. It all started with writing a few couplets and poems, mainly to channel her thoughts or feelings, but soon became a better way of expression and imagination started seeping in.Writing took a backseat for a while, as life took over, with a full-time working career, family, and young child to manage, but soon the restlessness brought back the thrill she felt in writing. Once a friend casually told her that she had a way with words, and she never looked back.In 2019, she started publishing her poetry on Amazon Kindle and soon moved on to writing short stories and novels. She has published several romance novels, some trending in the Top 10 for months. Now she has more than 20 books published in her name. Every day she tries to dream up stories and plots that are unusual yet relatable. Her stories are often based on a societal or cultural issue in India and address some hard-hitting issues like Marital rape, domestic violence, child marriage, drugs, rape and human trafficking. Her stories are mostly categorized as contemporary romance and romantic thrillers, but she plans on exploring other genres as well soon. With the support of a wonderful family and now a thriving fan following, she urges people to come out and share their stories, and work on their dreams and ambitions. All her books can be found on Amazon –

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