Modi did not divide the nation: Baba Ramdev on Rahul Gandhi’s remark about “two Indias”

A day after Congressman Rahul Gandhi claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had split the nation into two groups of people, Baba Ramdev asserted that Modi had not done so.
In Aluva, in Kerala’s Ernakulam district, Rahul Gandhi spoke to a crowd as part of the Congress’s Bharat Jodo campaign and accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of splitting the nation and dividing people into two groups.
Under Modi’s leadership, two different sorts of India have emerged. One or a small number of billionaires dominate all of India’s business, and they have easy access to achieving their goals. According to Rahul, millions of individuals in India work as farmers, labourers, small company owners, tea shop proprietors, and IT specialists, yet none of them is able to realise their aspirations, according to Rahul.
Rahul Gandhi’s comment prompted a response from Baba Ramdev, who stated, “Modiji did not divide the country and no one individual can unite India. A country must be broken before it can be unified, but India is already one.
Oil costs in the nation have decreased, but ghee costs are at an all-time high. The founder of the Patanjali Group, Baba Ramdev, commented on this by saying, “Oil costs have decreased throughout the nation, which is excellent news for consumers, but it’s another thing that ghee has increased in price.”
However, Baba Ramdev refused to acknowledge that there is anxiety in the nation due to the recession. He stated, “Elections are still too far away in 2024, but India is moving ahead with its unity, integrity, and sovereignty. There is no chance of a recession in India. Before India, there was no significant obstacle. A distinct situation is that the entire world is experiencing a period of recession, and nations all over the world are attempting to exit this slump. The recession has not yet had a significant impact in India, though.
“Temples are being destroyed in England,” Baba Ramdev remarked, in reference to acts of religious sabotage. Some evil Pakistanis posing as Islamic leaders are responsible for this sabotage. Because they are unable to do it in India, these folks are doing it in Britain. Worldwide religious sabotage needs to stop.

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