Putin declares a limited mobilisation in Russia and urges the West to “have weapons.”

Russia-Ukraine War: Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the decree on partial mobilisation of military has been signed.
In a rare speech to the nation, Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed in a rare speech to the nation that the decree on partial military mobilisation had been signed. The West will interpret the choice as an escalation.
According to Putin, “We are talking about partial mobilisation, which means that only individuals who are now enrolled in the reserve would be subject to conscription, and above all, those who have served in the armed forces have a specified military specialisation and necessary expertise.”
Putin said that Russia had to take action quickly in order to protect the people in the “liberated regions.”
Putin gave his speech to the country a day after Russian-controlled parts of eastern and southern Ukraine said they were getting ready to hold votes on whether or not they wanted to join Russia.
Regarding referendum plans in Ukraine, Putin said, “We back these people,” and he also gave his government the order to grant legal status to volunteers fighting in the Donbass as part of Russia’s effort to liberate the area.
Putin continued, “We don’t have the moral right to hand over these people (in Ukraine).

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