Mahsa Amini died of a ‘blow to the head,’ according to his relatives in Iraq.

Mahsa Amini’s mother explained what transpired when her 22-year-old daughter was detained to Amini in a phone call after the young woman’s death was reported, according to Mortezaee. Mahsa Amini, an Iranian Kurdish woman, was killed when the notorious morality police gave her a “severe blow to the head” while she was on vacation with her family in Tehran. This is what her cousin in Iraq said. 
Erfan Salih Mortezaee, 34, used Jhina’s Kurdish first name, Amini, to talk about the protests that her death has caused. He said, “Jhina’s death has opened the doors of popular rage.” 
According to Mortezaee, after hearing of the girl’s passing, Amini’s mother called him and described what transpired when her 22-year-old daughter was taken into custody, according to Mortezaee.
Amini’s home, Kurdistan province in Iran, is bordered by the independent Kurdistan region of Iraq, where Mortezaee has lived for a year. 
He joined Komala, a long-running cross-border insurgency against the Tehran government that aims to grant autonomy to the Kurdish-populated regions of northwest Iran, there. Komala is an Iranian Kurdish nationalist organization. 
Before enrolling in college, according to Mortezaee, Amini travelled to Tehran with her parents and 17-year-old brother to visit family. 
Amini went out in the city on September 13 with her brother and female relatives. 
“As they were leaving the Haghani underground station, the morality police stopped them and arrested Jhina and her family,” Mortezaee said. 
When speaking at a Komala base in the Sulaimaniyah region of northern Iraq, Mortezaee  claimed that Amini’s brother attempted to convince the police that they were “in Tehran for the first time” and “did not know the (local) traditions.”

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