3 persons died in a vehicle accident in Himachal Pradesh that happened close to Shimla.

In the Shimla district, all three of the car’s occupants were from Chopal; the truck driver, who lost control of the overweight vehicle, was also detained. On Saturday, a truck carrying apple boxes overturned on a car in Chharabra, 14 kilometres from the state capital, on the national highway number 5 between Theog and Shimla, killing three people and critically injuring one. 
According to the police, all three of the car’s occupants passed away instantly. Even though the truck driver was being held, he was taken to the Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital in Shimla because he had small cuts and bruises. 
The tragedy happened at 6.30 am when the truck’s driver lost control while descending on the section between Chharabra and Dhalli in the Hassan valley. The truck was travelling from Theog to Shimla and was overloaded. 
When a Dhalli police squad arrived at the scene, they removed the bodies from the automobile. 
DSP Kamal Sharma identified the deceased as Surat Singh, 45, Pratap Singh, 71, and Kripa Ram, 63, all of whom lived in the Tikkri region of the Chopal sub division of Shimla district. 

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