BJP demands a CBI investigation against a 28-year-old serial blackmailer from Odisha.

The women’s wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Odisha demanded on Tuesday that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) look into the alleged case of a 28-year-old woman allegedly honeytrapping politicians and an Odia film producer. The group of people who were against the government said that the state’s ruling party, the Biju Janata Dal, was hiding the case. 
The Bhubaneswar Police detained Kalahandi district resident Archana Nag, 28, last week and held her in judicial custody on allegations that she coerced women into prostitution and used them to blackmail powerful individuals. Odia film producer Akshay Parija said that Archana Nag and her friend were trying to get money from him because of the pornographic photos he took with a woman who said Archana had abused her. 
BJP Smruti Patnaik, the state head of the Mahila Morcha, claimed the police apprehended Archana Nag quickly but failed to look into the plot. Senior members of the ruling party, according to Patnaik, were also implicated in the case. “The government must release all information discovered in the devices seized by the police, revealing the involvement of all BJD leaders, ministries, police, and bureaucrats. The woman stated that since the police have not made any apparent progress in the case, they want a CBI investigation, the woman stated.
Leaders of the Congress have also claimed that members of the government must be complicit in the plot. How did Archana Nag manage to run her empire secretly from the authorities and police? While the media are prohibited from visiting the assembly and state secretariat, Archana was given full access to the building, according to Yashir Nawaz, head of the student wing of the Odisha Congress. 
According to Prateek Singh, the deputy commissioner of police in Bhubaneswar, Nag was the subject of a case. 
Her strategy consisted of contacting potential victims, inviting them to her home, and engaging in personal acts with them while having hidden cameras film everything. The victims, who came from prominent backgrounds, were then subjected to blackmail. We have asked the Reserve Bank of India for information and are investigating her bank transactions and account information. The DCP said that they are trying to find each person Nag has blackmailed. 
Police officials who knew about the situation say that Nag, who lived with her family in Kesinga in the Kalahandi district before going to Bhubaneswar, had blackmailed BJD and BJP lawmakers, certain producers of Odia films, government employees, and well-known businesses. 
One officer claimed that Nag, the oldest child of a teacher, collaborated with Jagabandhu Chand and was a serial blackmailer. 
She recently targeted a BJD MLA, but the MLA seemed to have caved in, so the case did not go any further. So did a well-known jeweller who paid 50 lakh two years ago, according to a senior police officer who also noted that Nag had previously been the subject of three cases. According to reports, Nag had strong ties with a well-known hotelier in Bhubaneswar who helped her. 
Archana Nag posted pictures of well-known politicians on her Facebook page, which has now been banned, including Surya Patro, a former speaker and BJD MLA. Patro has denied any involvement. 
Before criticising the government, BJP leaders should first take a look at the photo of their leader, former BJP legislator KV Singhdeo, with Archana, according to BJD spokesperson Lenin Mohanty. 
One could see winding staircases, beautiful outdoor dining arrangements, and a rooftop swimming pool in the pictures of Nag’s enormous estate. She frequently rented out her lavish home for the filming of commercials and the Odia TV series. A collection of high-end vehicles was parked outside. 
With their registered offices in east Bhubaneswar, Additya Prestige Agro Private Limited and Golden Empress Pvt Ltd were founded by Archana and her husband Jagabandhu in January 2021. The first business was classified as a wholesale operation, whereas the second was a hotel and restaurant operation.

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