How to Spot a Fake Job Offer The Modi government has released a checklist that you must follow.

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs has provided five warning signs of a fake online job offer to help individuals avoid falling for this job scam. 
The number of cases involving cyber fraud is alarmingly increasing. A significant portion of these cases include fraud, including the promise of false job offers. The Narendra Modi government said that in the past week alone, it had saved 130 workers from Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia who had been tricked by “false job rackets promising great prospects.” 
To help people avoid falling for this job scam, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs has given five signs of a fake online job offer: 

  1. If you receive the appointment letter straight after your initial interaction with the employer, this may be a sign of employment fraud. 
  2. Inaccurate employment specifications are another red flag in the appointment or offer letter. If the appointment letter or job description contains ambiguous employment requirements or job descriptions, exercise caution. 
  3. Note the language used in the email. When written incorrectly, it may be a scam. 
  4. It can be a scam if a prospective employer asks for personal information during an interview. Don’t share such details. 
  5. It may also be considered cheating if you are required to pay for employment offers.
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