One-year ban imposed on MeToo accuser Sajid Khan sparks outrage.

In the midst of speculation about Sajid Khan’s return to the spotlight with a reality show, the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) revealed that the MeToo accuser is permitted to work because he has served his sentence. People are angry about how they are trying to clean up his image, and they want to know who decides what the right punishment should be. 
FWICE recently wrote to Anurag Thakur, Minister of Information and Broadcasting, informing him that Sajid had been banned for a year following allegations of sexual misconduct in 2018. According to the letter, the ban was lifted in March 2019 in response to the chief of the Delhi Commission of Women, Swati Maliwal,’s letter requesting his removal from the Salman Khan-hosted reality show. 
Hum ek case ke liye ek baar hi saja de sakte hain, ek aadmi ko. ” Not ever again. He has completed his sentence. Now, if someone has a problem and believes that more should be done, they should go to court, “BN Tiwari, FWICE President, says,” clarifying the letter’s intent. 
“One year is a long time for a director to work and sit at home,” he adds. Yazada nahi kar sakte. We formed a committee of activists and lawyers to determine the timeline. We can’t impose a life sentence. People have been irritated by the lack of transparency. When it comes to Hollywood, men who have been criticised for abusing their power have not only been called out, but they have also lost their jobs as a result. Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey are two examples of this. 
“It’s pointless to compare it to the West.” They are held accountable and have some semblance of due process. We don’t care about women’s workplace safety as a society. We have no idea why sexual harassment is acceptable unless there is a major physical transgression. We are quick to blame the victim. This is our mentality throughout society. “Bollywood is no exception,” Swara Bhasker explains. 
In this video, Tanushree Dutta, the Indian face of the MeToo movement, criticises attempts to “rehabilitate” Sajid Khan” in this video.
Another ‘blib’ in Bollywood’s downward spiral, and a case of “shoot your own foot” syndrome for Bollywoodias. ” Vikas Bahl’s film arrived and bombed. So, rehabilitation or not, if someone wants to spend their hard-earned money on predators and predator supporters, I have no objections, “she says, disappointed.” 
A writer who accused Alok Nath of sexual harassment, Vinta Nanda, said that the small screen shows a patriarchal way of thinking. 
“This is patriarchy in action, which you are witnessing.” It’s horrifying to see a battery of channel executives, including women, making such decisions. They are caving in to patriarchy. “There hasn’t been a fundamental shift in perceptions and behaviour since MeToo,” Nanda says. 
Instead of playing the blame game, actress Kamya Panjabi is betting on a more transparent approach to dealing with such issues. However, it is not as simple as it appears. 
On the condition that she stays anonymous, an actor says she went to court against the person who abused her, but the chargesheet for the case hasn’t been filed yet, even though she did so four years ago. 
“When an actress speaks up, she is perceived as problematic, which has an impact on her work.” People only blame the actress because we are not well-known. But that is how predators hunt; they target the weaker or newcomers to the industry. They have more money, power, and connections than you do. Even after so many years, my case has not begun, and no chargesheet has been filed because the accused has never appeared in court. The legal system is extremely slow; we need to take action, “adds the insider.

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