Smartphone brand outperforms Chinese brands and dominates festive season sales

Other Chinese smartphone manufacturers, Xiaomi and Realme, took second and third place in the holiday sales. During the deal, these businesses held a 20% and a 17% share of the smartphone market, respectively. E-commerce companies are promoting alluring discounts during the holiday season. During the holidays, businesses offer steep discounts and enticing sales, which has helped them make a lot more money. 
Smartphones are among the most popular goods in the holiday sale. Millions of smartphone units were sold during these events, and a report from Hindustan Times sister publication Live Hindustan found that Samsung smartphones were the most popular choice among consumers. In India, the Christmas sales saw a record-breaking number of cellphones being purchased. 
During the holiday sales in our nation, Samsung has been among the top smartphone manufacturers. It has surpassed Xiaomi and Realme to hold the largest market share in India’s smartphone market for sales. 
The most popular Samsung products during the holiday season are on sale now. 
According to the survey, Samsung had a market share of 26% throughout the holiday season. Over 33 lakh smartphone handsets were sold by the South Korean tech giant during this period. Sales of Samsung’s Galaxy S21 FE, Galaxy S22 Plus, Galaxy S22 Ultra, and Galaxy Z Flip 3 smartphones were extremely strong from September 23 to September 30. 
Other popular smartphones 
Realme and Xiaomi, two other Chinese smartphone manufacturers, ranked in the top three during the holiday sale. During the deal, these businesses held a 20% and a 17% share of the smartphone market, respectively. 22 lakh and 25 lakh Xiaomi and Realme devices, respectively, were purchased. 
Apple was unable to compete with the leading brands despite the steep discounts offered during the event. In addition, 38% of the devices sold during the holiday sale were from other companies. In contrast, sales of smartphone units were down 2% from the previous year.

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