Kangana Mittal a nineteen-year-old poet, turned author is a student at the University of Delhi. She has penned down her words in the form of two books and one anthology however, recently, she released her newest book, formally known as ‘The Martyr of Malice’. Within a day of its release, the book claimed to Rank as one of the ‘hot new releases of the poetry section on Amazon Kindle. This collection of soul-touching poetry grabbed the attention of the masses at the speed of lightning due to the fact that it was fortunately timed to be published around Mental health day. The book talks about mental health issues and empathetically validates an array of emotions in the most gentle and honest manner. This 4.7 out of 5 stars rated poetry book has a myriad of reviews while some say that the book contains “A different world of poems” others expressed that they found “ A new kind of poetic resonance.”

The enigma behind the title of the book is another thing to ponder upon.

The author explained how she came to choose it. She said “The book deals with the mental health disorders that are the Malices in the mind of a human, the evil that doesn’t let go of the mind to make sensible decisions and turns them into puppets dependent on the action of that dreaded disorder. The book deals with mental health, its awareness and recovery and how nothing is possible until and unless we want to take a step to begin our journey of recovery or as she says ‘resurrect their lives’ and truly live in what comes after.

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