Urvashi Rautela responds to allegations that she stalked Rishabh Pant, comparing herself to Mahsa Amini: ‘No one supports me.’

Accusations that Urvashi Rautela was stalking Rishabh Pant appear to have received a response from her. Some online users have criticised the actor for following the cricketer all the way to Australia and posting one mysterious message after another about love, marriage, and commitment. The actor arrived in Australia a week before the T20 World Cup. Recently, Urvashi Rautela shared a picture of herself wearing a sindoor and mangalsutra (worn by married Hindu women). As Rishabh prepares for the World Cup, some online users have asked Urvashi to leave him alone. 
On Thursday, Urvashi published a video of herself on Instagram wearing a saree and appearing disoriented, most likely from a recent photoshoot. In her caption, she compared herself to the deceased Mahsa Amini. Since the 22-year-old strange’s murder in Tehran while being imprisoned by the Iranian morality police, protests have erupted throughout Iran. Urvashi said in her most recent post that no one cared for her or supported her and that she was being bullied and called a stalker. A powerful lady, she continued in her post, “feels profoundly and loves fiercely.” 
Mahsa Amini was first bullied as a stalker in Iran and is now being bullied in India. Nobody supports or cares about me… A lady who feels strongly and loves ferociously is powerful. She laughs and cries equally frequently. She possesses both softness and strength, wisdom and spirituality. She is a gift to the world, Urvashi captioned her most recent Instagram picture. She updated her caption with the hashtags “bring back our girls” and “yes, all women.”
Some Instagram users came together to support the actor and showed their solidarity. One person wrote: “Never let anyone pull you down actor and showed their solidarity. One person wrote: “Never let anyone pull you down.” Are you OK, sister? We love you. There was another comment on Urvashi’s post. Some, however, urged the actor to go back to his house due to the charges of stalking. One person wrote: “Come back to Mumbai and start shooting. Others made fun of Rishabh, with one writing, “Vo to World Cup me busy hai (he is busy with the World Cup)” in a comment on the post. The Indian team is in Australia for the T20 World Cup. On October 23, the first game will take place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground versus Pakistan. Recently, some online users rejected accusations of stalking Urvashi. “Whatever Urvashi Rautela is doing is pure harassment; she came to Australia to stalk Rishabh Pant; think if Pant did this for her, he’d be in jail in no time,” someone wrote.I want Pant to get justice.
A few years ago, Rishabh had denied dating Urvashi. Urvashi had made a suggestion earlier in 2022 that Rishabh had previously patiently waited for her in a hotel lobby for close to ten hours. She admitted that she felt awful for him after discovering that he had “16–17 missed calls.” She had addressed him in the interview as “Mr. RP.”

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