Journey of a book- Safar-E-Hayat

The aspiring author has an M.Ed. from SRM Global College in Ambala, Haryana, and a master’s degree in public administration from GCG-11, Chandigarh. She dabbled in writing for a while and began experimenting with language in seventh grade. 
She is a conscientious and well-informed person who has devoted herself to volunteer work with the Sarvani Organisation in Panchkula. Nisha Since seventh grade, when she first began experimenting with words, she has had an interest in writing. Poetic waves arose from individual words, and feelings flooded in to fill the silence. 
She is a responsible citizen who gave her time and energy to helping others through volunteer work with the Sarwani Sangathan in Panchkula. 
Her poetry, in which he addressed social and emotional themes, was much praised. Several different publishing houses have honoured her with citations.
She voiced various social and emotional issues through her poetry, which received loud applause at various platforms. She is also the recipient of many appreciation letters from publishers. Her book, Safar-e-Hayat, was recently published on Amazon.

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