Romance rumours about Sara Ali Khan and Shubman Gill were discovered, fans reacted, saying, “Bhai cricket pe dhyan de.”

Rumor has it that Sara Ali Khan and Shubman Gill are dating. When the actress and the cricketer were seen together at a Mumbai eatery last month, rumours started to circulate. Additionally, there were earlier rumours that Sara Tendulkar, the daughter of former cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, and Shubman were dating. They never did confirm their relationship, though. 
Some online users provided fresh videos of Sara Ali Khan and Shubman taken in a hotel and on a plane as evidence that a relationship was developing between them. Fans believe the two are dating as a result of recent recordings showing Sara and Shubham leaving the same hotel and boarding the same airline. Sara was spotted leaving a hotel lobby wearing a pink top, and she subsequently posed for photos with admirers on a plane. In a video posted on a fan website, Shubham could be seen leaving the same hotel with his luggage and boarding the same flight as Sara. 
A variety of comments have been made in response to Sara and Shubham’s video on social media. Some people believed cricket and Bollywood were “inseparable,” while others urged the sportsman to concentrate on his career. “This friendship is really old, even before the 1990s,” someone tweeted. Bollywood and cricket go hand in hand, and news of events just occasionally surfaces. “I guess it’s the second time they’ve been spotted together,” read one tweet. There is an affair. Another person asserted that Sara and Shubham had also been seen together in a cafe. He wrote, “One of my pals saw both of them in the same Delhi cafe. I’m not kidding.
One admirer wrote in a tweet: “Are bhai cricket pe dhyan de, you may be the next major player like Virat Kohli.” “Focus on the game, brother. You could be the next Virat.” Another one was cricketer Rishabh Pant, who has been in the news for his alleged past romance and conflict with actress Urvashi Rautela. He wrote, “I hope Shubhman does not have the same experience as Rishabh Pant,” in the words “Shubhman bhai ka Pant wala haal na ho jaye.”
After dating for a while, Sara and Kartik Aaryan reportedly split up in 2020. Their relationship was confirmed by filmmaker Karan Johar in a recent interview. In a recent interview, Sara denied that she is now dating. She recently travelled to Delhi and attended an event at Miranda House.

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