Soon after, WhatsApp messages were modified to display the ‘Edited’ label: Report

WhatsApp is about to launch a new editing messages feature that will allow users to edit messages that have already been sent. It is now suggested that, in addition to the edited message, users will see the label “Edited.” 
According to WABetaInfo, a website that tracks messaging app updates, users will have 15 minutes to edit the message. Although it is still in development, WhatsApp Android beta users can already access it, despite the fact that it is still in development.
WhatsApp has yet to confirm whether the message can be edited after it has been read. Furthermore, it is unknown how much time will be allowed to edit the sent message when the receiver’s phone is turned off. This feature is currently in development. There has been no official word on the timeline for the rollout. 
Taking screenshots on WhatsApp will be prohibited. 
Not being able to take screenshots of messages sent with View Once turned on is another new feature that is likely to be added to WhatsApp. 
According to the report, even screen recordings of these messages are impossible. This feature has already been made available to some beta testers by the company. 
The ability to create polls will be available soon. 
A feature that allows WhatsApp users to create polls will also be available soon. Some WhatsApp beta users already have the ability to create polls. This feature is supported by WhatsApp for Android version Furthermore, this function is not just for group administrators. It is expected that the tech company will also release a stable version for everyone in the coming days.

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