Pixel 6a, Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro show Google is now offering Indian users best of Android

With the Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones, Google is once again a player in the Indian smartphone industry. And each of them is a wonderful gadget that offers Indian consumers the finest of Android. They are so great that not only are they the best Android phones in India, but they are also cheaper than the iPhone 14 series. 
The Indian Android phone market has been through a type of crisis for the past few years. It’s true that all technology has trade-offs, but phones in particular. Even so, there has been something of a gap in the Indian phone market. For instance, there are no options accessible to someone who wants a phone with a superb camera, a clean-ish version of Android, and the assurance of at least two to three years of quick OS updates. something close to that. Living with certain compromises doesn’t seem all that horrible in the mainstream market when phone prices are more affordable. But it annoys customers in the premium and ultra-premium tiers. This problem is resolved by the Google Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro. 
These phones are not faultless. Each of the Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, and Pixel 7 Pro has its own set of compromises. But I’m confident that they are the best Android phones available at their particular price points. Instead, these are the greatest phones you can buy for their price ranges. For instance, if purchasing a phone is primarily motivated by usefulness, Of course, the Pixels may not be your greatest option if you’re searching for specs that will blow your mind. As a side note, you must always consider a phone’s usefulness before considering its “specs.” 
Beyond the review, though, I am simply pleased to see that Google is now offering the whole current lineup of Pixel phones in India. As someone who always wants to see the newest technology reach consumers in some form, It’s just a plus that these phones also happen to be the greatest Android phones. 
Users of Indian phones required this. badly. This is due to the fact that we have begun to notice a stagnation in the Android market over the past several years. In countries like India, where Huawei no longer sells its phones, the issue is very obvious. Even so, Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi don’t always export their premium smartphones to India. This means that a handset from OnePlus or Samsung is typically the phone of choice for many people in the premium and ultra-premium markets. If they want an Android phone, that is. Additionally, buyers must accept significant tradeoffs in both situations. The photographic prowess of an iPhone 14 Pro or a Pixel cannot be matched by OnePlus phones. Despite having cameras that are above average, Samsung phones cannot compete with the OS updates that Google can provide for Pixels. Despite having a strong set of cameras and cutting-edge hardware, certain Xiaomi and Vivo phones have software that, for whatever reason, feels a little strange. 
Thanks to Pixel technology, Indian consumers may now get phones that are excellent at everything. Despite this, the Pixel 6a is the least strong of the bunch, especially considering its MRP of Rs. 43,999. But it is evident that the Pixel 6a will now always be available for less than Rs 40,000, and at that price, this is a very decent phone that gives buyers: 
—An excellent first camera. —Reputable software. with a few years’ worth of OS updates promised. a unique style. Both performance and battery life are excellent. The phone’s fingerprint sensor, in my opinion, is unreliable, and the display should be brighter. But, as I said before, all gadgets have tradeoffs, and in this case, if you can find the Pixel 6a for around Rs 35,000, the tradeoffs are worth it. 
In contrast, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro play in a different league. They have first-rate hardware with a design that is both distinctive and expertly crafted. Both of these phones are quick, have long battery lives, the absolute best cameras available, and have screens that are premium-quality, brilliant and punchy. 
These phones are so excellent, especially considering their MRPs of Rs 59,999 and Rs 84,999, that anyone intending to purchase an ultra-premium phone should choose them first. That is, provided they are available, which I believe will be a problem given that Google has thus far demonstrated a poor track record of keeping its well-liked products in stock. However, perhaps in 2022, this will also change. After all, Google wants to change things by bringing its full line of Pixel phones to India.

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