Reddit is concerned about Ranbir Kapoor and Ananya Panday’s age difference in a romantic.

In a recent advertisement, Ranbir Kapoor and Ananya Panday were shown together for the first time, and the audience doesn’t appear to be too fond of their pairing. In the sweet advertisement, Ranbir and Ananya are depicted as a couple who are engaged but only in their minds. The latest advertisement for an ethnic clothing line features Ananya debating whether or not she and the subject would make a good match given their disparate fashion preferences. In his own head, Ranbir keeps telling her about all the different adjustments they can make and solutions they can come up with along the way. 
Given the significant age difference, the video was also posted on Reddit, where several people criticised it for being too unpleasant to watch. Ananya is only 23, but Ranbir is 40. I was expecting a twist the entire time I watched the advertisement to expose their relationship as something other than love. Another Reddit user pleaded with the filmmakers to avoid pairing them up in a film. One person said, “I can’t get over the obvious age difference between them,” while another responded, “I know! What made them consent to this? She resembles his little sister. If they had to have these two, they could have chosen that plot. 
Some were a little more grateful. A YouTube comment said, “Amazing chemistry, a wonderful surprise. I never envisaged them together as a pair. Good work.” Another said, “Nice concept, superb acting.” Ananya Panday and Ranbir Kapoor have never collaborated previously, and no projects are currently planned. A romance drama starring Shraddha Kapoor and the action thriller Animal, directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, are among Ranbir’s upcoming projects. Rashmika Mandanna and Anil Kapoor will also appear in the movie. 
Ananya is currently working on a project with Siddhanth Chaturvedi and Adarsh Gourav. Kho Gaye Hum Kahan is a film starring Siddhanth Chaturvedi and Adarsh Gourav. She and Ayushmann Khurrana are in Dream Girl 2.

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