A unique blend of nostalgia and reality.Kartik R. Iyer’s debut book, Three Seasons of Love, a collection of micro poems has been a hot favorite in almost all the literary fests that took place throughout the year and only had good things to boast of from the general audience as well. The book is a compilation of snippets, poems and free verses curated from his writings that he has been writing for the past decade and posting them on his Instagram handle @fitooriya. The book rides high on its unique blend of nostalgia and its relatability quotient.

The book is split in to three parts (Sections) viz. Pursuance, Courtship and Longing. These three universal stages of any relationship, are not only relatable, but also aspirational the manner in which the writer puts across his thoughts and experiences with his muse. The poems set in the different chapters move and progress in the form of a story woven together using multiple threads, this interesting approach and treatment adopted by the writer, makes this book stand out from the clutter. Each section has its own story to tell, Each poem a book in itself. The lucid language, the linear narrative and a segregated approach is sure to take the reader to a trip down the memory lane and reminiscence their individual experiences. Another important aspect the poems touch is the act of letting go and coming in to terms with the idea of moving on without holding grudges. The author taps the very idea of, “Not to be upset that it ended, but to be happy that it happened.” brilliantly.

Kartik, in his words in an accidental poet. As much as he is fond of reading, he never quite got himself to sit down and write a book. He owes it entirely to his family, friends and his publishers to have had constantly egged him and being his pillars of strength. The Tagore Commemorative Honors 2022, The Sahitya Sammelan 2022 Awards, The Indian Awaz’s foundation’s annual Author awards 2022 are some of the many accolades the book has managed to garner so far. Pick your copy today and fall in love all over again.

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