I Venture & Explore For a Living

The title is what is Soubir’s answer worldwide, when people ask him, “What do you do for a living?

“Soubir is an Investment Banker, Management Consultant by profession and an Entrepreneur by Passion, holding Multiple Global Positions and pursuing Legal Education to become a Lawyer.

The Global Chair of V&E Consulting Group, based in London, UK, along with a Conglomerate Group similar to TATA Group, along with a Swiss Beverage Start Up in Switzerland. He is also Board Member of Raidonnews which is a News Network Channel based in India and UK.A proud Indian who believes in Serving Mother India (Bharat Mata) in best of his Entrepreneurial and Diplomatic abilities.

A Diplomat at Youth United Nations as UN High Commissioner for Refugee & Immigration and Governing Council Board Member (UNAccc Diplomat) with Unity of Nations Action for Climate Change Council.

V&E stands for Venture & Explore, Soubir believes it is the Core of Entrepreneurship.

Soubir coined the name of India as , “The Entrepreneurland”, since he believes that India is a Powerhouse for Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship given the Sharp Indian Mindset to find a solution for even the most impossible or in short what we Indians call it as “JUGAAD” 

Being the 20th Generation of Maharishi Valmiki, the Great Indian Sage Author of history “The Ramayana”, brings out my rich cultural values and heritage when it comes to serving this Global Family.

He believes that “Parents and Well wishers are out Stockholders, since they have invested their Hopes and Dreams in us”, “Age is a Random Combination of Digits “and “Entrepreneurs Don’t Have Retirement” 

Soubir was raised in Mumbai, New York and Chicago.

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