Recalibrate minds with every ounce of knowing one’s self – HOPEFULLY ROMANTIC by Shrikant Mohan

For all the phases of life we have lived through, it would be worth being written as a book. But only a book to your shelf, a book that is close to your heart, a book that carries the heaviest of hearts. A book that keeps us alive, beacause everytime we read it we realise what we have walked through making us endure tomorrow as well. The moment, authors completed the 1st page of the book, they realised that it was the self help and love that needed to reach across all the minds. His intension was, if even one person has read this book and had even the smallest change in their life, thats the rewards that he wanted to treasure. As each page passed by, he wanted the readers to know how strong they where and how well they have endured up until now. Reflect and believe on our own confidence and they will be an inspiration for the future generations. By the instances of reliability we walk with the author and see our life through the expression. By the end of the book you will truly know how important you are while closing it’s final chapter. There is a questionnaire at the end of the book, which helps you write down some personal thought which makes it even special to yourself, like being a friend to hear you or maybe a book that is to your personal collection. The author, Mr. Shrikant Mohan is an entrepreneur, hailing from Kerala. At the age of 22 when he started his business, he had the thought of writing this book and eventually completed over time.

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