Ms Harbinger of Inspiration

Shiny Benjamin, an Author of book ” Hymn of Heart” is a charismatic person whose persona reflects her perspective towards life. She hails from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh and by profession is a teacher at Carmel School She has been working in this prestigious school from many years as an English Teacher her dedication and perseverance is her sceptre which leads her towards success. She is a hardworking and dedicated writer. She has seen herself growing from seed to tree and had started writing when she was pursuing her Bachelors. She has a vision to become a great writer thus working hard to achieve her dream. Through her poems she wants leave a deep mark on mind and heart of the people therefore want to be an inspiration for others. Her writing always speak more of her feelings with whom anyone can connect. She wish to be a landmark in the field of writing.

“Be the change and see the change in others”This quote she like the most as it tells us that one person can not only bring difference in the society but also in the life of others.She further says that if we want to achieve something hardwork is important. Shortcut will never lead you to your success. She mentioned that “The joy of victory comes to those who have seen the darkest nights” And she encapsulates by quoting these excellent lines:-“Pain acknowledges hardwork Hardwork brings success.She has been a co-author in many anthologies and has won awards for her literary works.Her works are as follows:-

1) Is it lockdown ya humari zindagi hai locked down

2) A walk down the lane

3) Daffodils

4) love Me Tomorrow

5) Wild Knows your name

6) Quilling Thoughts

7) Eccentric Humans

8) Power of Tradition

9) Scrivere Bellissimo

10) Garden of reminiscence

11) Did I make something wrong

12) Mysterious Moments

13) Dreamy World

14) Life moves on

Some of her accolades which show she is an epitome for others:-She has been awarded by:

1) She Award 2021 ( Women Empowerment)

2) Most deserving Award 2021 (Best writer of the year)

3) Prestigious Literary Award

4) Chosen Ones Awards

5) Golden Arc Awards

6) Feminarc Awards

7) Inspiro Award 2021″Shiny is a Muse who stimulates others with her teaching and her writing”.

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