Make Your Life a piece of Art, with Anila Nair’s timeless masterpiece – Not A Book Just Realisation

Being a Single mother of a 9-Year-old Daughter this writer- author Anila Nair has already achieved a successful career as a Techie, This IT Specialist cum Writer Anila Nair tells Hindustan Chronicles about her journey into the realm of writing.

Nothing is a barrier to creativity and those who have the ingenuity and imagination to achieve their dreams often move forward.

This coach of wellbeing and life balance is a conflux of many traditions and languages, and she believes in Just let yourself free. The best in you will come out once you allow yourself to. In Her novel, Not A Book Just Realisations” she has talked about inspirations gained through everything around us.

Let’s know what more about Anila Nair, with Hindustan Chronicles;

1.Tell us about yourself and your academics?

Born to a Malayalee father and Maharashtrian mother in a middle-class family with an elder brother. Spent a good part of my life in Gujarat, then Karnataka and Maharashtra. That made me proficient in 5 languages. I am single mother to a 9-year-old daughter and live life each day as it comes….

I believe I am lucky to have been exposed to different cultures, places and people and that has made me very compassionate and kept me grounded.

Academically, I was a good student. An alumnus of South Gujarat University (now Veer Narmad) and Alliance Business Academy.

  1. Tell us about your work and about your passion, profession including achievements that you have till now.

I am a working professional with over 17 years of active professional life in Information Technology space. A Total Well Being and Life Balance Coach for a couple of years now and have been coaching my coachee to build themselves and grow themselves to better handle life.

As it is said – Life Happens and so will its ups and downs. Each one of us should cultivate that innate attitude of taking charge and navigating the twists and turns of life in a better way.

My profession allows me to interact with a lot of different people at work, wearing a sales hat makes you sharp and ductile to suit situations as it comes.

My journey as a coach took me to this beautiful milestone of becoming an author. It’s a completely different feeling to see your thoughts on a paper and the book in hands of your readers. Words have immense power to change one’s lives and I am blessed that I am able to exercise that power.

  1. What has been your good and bad experience about your journey.

Its easier said than done. In retrospect, you always feel that you could have lived your life better or undone something. I believe there is no fun in looking back and categorizing your experiences. I am just ever grateful that whatever transcended in my life has turned me into who I am. And let me tell you, I love myself with all the scars, dents and medals that I carry.

4.What message would you like to give for all our reader and all who dream to achieve so much like you?

Just let yourself free. The best in you will come out once you allow yourself to. Most often than not, we are the security guards and don’t let our thoughts, emotions, aspirations or dreams come out and realize. All I have done is to not let my dream just be but act on it. One step at a time will keep us well on our way to achieve what we have set out for.

5.Your inspiration and why?

Inspiration is so relative. In fact, there is a lot of inspiration sprinkled all around us. Why to limit ourselves only to a few personalities or incidents. In my book – “Not A Book Just Realisations” I have shared inspirations gained through everything around us. Its just how we perceive it. You can grab a copy of it from any e commerce platforms or from my website

  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

Probably listening to stories or reading about how I could bring positive change in someone’s life. That’s what I strive for.

Also, it is available on all the leading book selling e-commerce platform.

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