The accidental writer – Shruti Kadu

Shruti Kadu writes books about relationships. Her books ” A pair of sad eyes and sunflower smile” and “Deceptively Your’s” have found an audiance of their own.

Shruti pens and photographs everything she finds beauty in. You can follow her on

Before she started writing romance, Shruti got a Bachelors degree in Zoology from Mumbai University. After that, just to shake things up, she completed a masters degree in Finance at the University of Mumbai. Since then she is Banker during the week days and writer on weekends.

About the book:

The book A pair of sad eyes and sunflow smile is about how individuals meet in college, a conducive place where romance blooms, blossoms, withers and sometimes blooms again. Most of us have experienced this at least once and at times maybe more than once.

Our protagonist’s story also treads on similar path but here Ashoy gets it bad and for him it lasts lifelong. In the years they spent together it got ‘complicated’ and when their life took them on separate paths it got even more complicated.

Given a second chance, a chance to undo their twisted relationship, a mêlée of situations contributed by occurrence of the bad guy, the other girl, a stern father, loving mother, unfulfilled ambitions and all those things which makes life – life, affects theirs also and HOW!!!!

Deceptively Your’s – Synopsis.

Being married to ASHOK for 10 years SULEKHA thought that there was nothing that she didn’t know about ASHOK but chance discovery of a piece of paper brings turmoil in the form of suspicion in their tranquil lives. A turmoil which triggers a chain of events which changes their lives as they know it. On the day of confrontation Ashok meets with an accident. Sulekha is left with some unanswered questions. Sakshi enters their lives and she completes the family. Both help heal each other. Sulekha realizes that it did not matter anymore if Ashok had an affair, Sakshi and Ashoks coma had made her realise the value of relationships.

After Ashoks accident Sulekha finds a goal in her aimless life. To make Ram pay for his deeds which had changed the course of three lives – hers , Ashok’s and Sakshi’s. Her struggles with finding and joining the clues which linked Ram to Ashok’s accident ,swindling of funds from his organization and Kavita’s account to Kavita’s death. She had successfully managed to collect all the information which linked Ram to be responsible for all the three events and found a simple and ingenious way of supplying the information to the authorities when an unstamped letter from Ram made her live in his threat of disclosing how she had managed to get rid of kavita.

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