Diksha Gupta won The Glorious India Awards,2022 for Excellence Award in Literature

Author, Blogger, Writer and Novelist would be the appropriate words to describe Diksha. Born in devbhoomi Uttrakhand and brought up in the hustle bustle of capital city Delhi, becoming an author was never in Diksha’s wishlist.

Growing up, she was better at English than any other subject and hence, it always fetched her good marks. After completing her 12th in commerce, she sat for CA exams- one of the toughest examinations in the country, pursuing her B.com (Hons) from Delhi University, at the same time. Entry level was a cake walk but soon she realised it was never her cup of tea. Incessant practice, packed schedules and 10-12 hours of studying were not fetching her the results she had dreamt of. In 2020, while the pandemic became a trouble for a major part of the population, it proved to be a blessing in disguise for Diksha. It was it that gave birth to the writer inside her and when she wrote and published her first ever mixed genre book “Unlocking Emotions and Beyond” at the age of 23.

After this, there was no going back. Later, she published 5 more books- that included poetry and quotes. The latest in her collection is her full fledged novel- Because I Never Unloved You – the one that made her a Novelist from an Author.

Being hopelessly romantic, it was always this section of stories that intrigued Diksha more than anything else and that’s why she chose to write a love story before anything else.

Currently, she’s pursuing her Masters in English Literature from GGSIPU, Dwarka and apart from being a published author of more than 5 books, she also has a few anthologies to her name, she’s associated with more than 7 Instagram pages as of now and her works have been featured on famous Instagram communities like Tiny Tales Official, The Scribbled Stories, Tapeatale, My Cinema Story to name a few and her work on cinema is recognised by actors, singers and musicians around the country. She also runs her own Instagram account and WordPress Blog with the name- diaryofawritingfreak and loves to write about love, hope, heartbreak and cinema the most.

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