Playing Devil’s Advocate with Voices in my Head

At some point of time, we feel overwhelmed by the uncontrollable voices in our head that may not calm down. Worry and fear are inevitable in the majority of us. There is no doubt some days are worse, pushing us against our boundaries. A voice that we hear in head, telling us “This is impossible” or “You should give up”? We get confused and we cannot differentiate between real and unreal. Reality seems to be blurred and These voices are often louder when we’re stuck in a rut and don’t know what to do, or when we’re basking in the warmth of silence. 

As William Shakespear rightly quoted, “All the world’s a stage”, all the men and women are merely players in this world. As we grow, we see life is not as planned and is more confusing with challenges that we face.

They are many instances which we encounter like job failure, relationship curdle or expenses left overdue, then we hear a voice hitting at the back of our mind telling us, life is nothing but a mess. We tend to give up or leave it. Do not let the voice take over.

It’s vital to infer that it is life and there would be such instances when these voices try to put us down. We should have strength to decipher these voices into some meaningful notions, else it would be a win for the devil. And if the devil wins, we might lose our entity. So don’t ever be the devil’s advocate!

With my own experience of tackling delusional thoughts, I can say looking at the world more philosophically can help us in overcoming any mental hiccups.

I just want to say that never be the devil’s advocate. Be positive and more open, acceptable towards life. Never ever allow others to dictate your life. You are so precious and so is your life and dreams. Recognize ‘the voice’ and don’t let it take over.

Remember, it’s incredibly challenging to have a devil’s advocate. Being a devil’s advocate is not always a terrible thing. It can be helpful as well, if done right and can offer us a better idea.

Passion is to live a life in a true sense without thinking “what will people say? or What will my family and society say? It’s unfortunate that we stay in a society which will make us question our reality. Do not let them consume you.

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