Must-Read Poetry Releases in 2023 : Author Ridhima Joshi’s WHIRLPOOL

WHIRLPOOL II is lighter. It’s happier, it’s the aftermath of becoming an Author, a role I am enjoying. Like a perfume, it contains the theme of my original vision but with new elements and undertones that are more powerful and joyful, As a Poet, it’s me presenting my shades of writings to your jury of readers to judge.

WHIRLPOOL II is a fresh start, it’s a 2nd chance and this time the writings are bold- it’s unfiltered in moderation, enough to provoke thinking but mild enough to not hurt sentiments. WHIRLPOOL II is a merge of two stories- two parts of poetry Dark and Light merged together as one whole Grey picture. It’s dark and light in separation but also grey in the bigger picture hence the opening one liner to the book: The Song of Siren; capturing currents of life as time swirls by. It is a continuation of a story Untold, its written from the aftermath of becoming an Author, a role I’m enjoying. It’s the next part of my original first book WHIRLPOOL released in August 2022 yet it’s not a sequel.

What sets WHIRLPOOL II apart from my first book Is that the holistic theme is a merge of two concepts, two different parts in one book. WHIRLPOOL II is truthful, raw, powerful and romantic. The book sheds light on how realities look different on the opposite end of the spectrum of literature: from being a reader all one’s life to suddenly being in shoes of the creator ie the Author. What a reader perceives vs what actually happens, its a divergent perception, its like déjà vu- you’ve felt it but you haven’t seen it; what appears to be in the mirror isn’t the mirror, it’s different.

The work is a compilation of some of the best works by the Poet-Author written over a poem of 7 years. Whilst one part of WHIRLPOOL II is lighter, second part is darker, casting light on reality across different spectrum. Poems written through observation and experience, written to start conversations, bring the unspoken Out into the open, to speak, normalise, intiate talks. The Poet-Author’s mind influences her writings. She writes on everything that finds itself a thought in her mind and seldom her topics are thought to be unconventional and bold. She writes on Vices and virtues, sociological topics deemed taboo, poems on Mental Health and LGBTQIA+ Community, emotions and metaphysics to name a few. Write without the hush-hush element, use her pen to create, to influence and Impact. Her only hope would be that the poems would resonate with the Readers. Bring hope or acknowledgment, whatever one might yearn for.

Published by the Write Order Publication House in January 2023, available on Amazon.

About the Author :-

Author Ridhima Joshi uses the pronouns (She/They) interchangeably. She is an Award-Winning published Book Author – Poet with 2 books to her name I’m 2022-2023. Hailing from South Mumbai, India, she began writing as a Poet at the age of 13 and published her first book at age 19, second at 20. Her inception began on Wattpad and then transitioned to Poetry Anthologies as a Co-Author prior to earning her Author title with her solo books. Aside from the field of Literature, Ridhima Joshi began her work in the field of social Impact and sustainable development. She has worked with NGOS, represented and engaged in Youth Delegation Programs including ones to do with Diplomacy. Furthermore, she has has engaged and participated in the Programs curated by United Nations Agencies, currently supporting UNHCR individually in their endeavor as a Young Champion for Refugees. She has won Awards like National Book of Records India’s Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam in category Top 10 Inspiring Women 2022, featured in Ne8x Litfest’s Top 100 Authors annual list 2022, Glantor X Nation Choice 100 Powerful Personalities, to name a few. Academically, she’s a Law Student and sees herself donning several hats in the future in fields of Diplomacy & Law, other than her Literature Career.

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